NB 25 - AS 17 LATCH ROLLAROUND SELF CLOSING SCREW ON TYPE Shed gate Latch or Stable gate latch

Fixing - Tek screwed


Simple effective Latch which uses a pivoting latch bar which uses the weight of the gate against itself to open a close the gate latch whilst using the weight of the latch to keep it in position to roll back when the gate is closed.

Once the gate is in the closed position a simple pin is placed in the corresponding hole which lines up and the gate is securely locked or unlocked. (a pad lock may be used to secure the latch rather than the pin) CAN ALSO BE USED AS LATCH BACK TO POST OR FENCE POST AND RAIL AND WILL AID TO PREVENT SAGGING

Farm Gate Latch , Shed Gate Latch , Stable gate  latch