NB 25 ROLLAROUND HINGE BOLT ON AS30-25NB suites STANDARD farm gates Open Shed Hinge & Rural Gate Hinges BOLT ON most popular

Fixing - Bolt (MOST POPULAR)

ROLLAROUND SELF CLOSING HINGE. AS30 has 14 mm holes in mount plate 

This simple strong practical effective Australian designed manufactured galvanized pivoting hinge which when mounted allows the hinge to roll around the gate when the gate is pressed into the opening and self-close allowing a single bolt or pin to lock off the hinge ready for use.

The Hinge in the AS 30  style can be bolted, screwed or welded straight to a post steel or timber , big or small  round or square.

Can be mounted side by side on center bays of sheds in as little as 120mm space 

Open shed gate Hinge, Hay shed Gate Hinge , Machinery shed gate Hinge, Stable Hinge Farm gate Hinge , Rural Gate Hinge , Tubular Gate Hinge 

Available  Gal  M12 40mm  fully threaded Bolts nuts and washers on request 

Also M12 Coach Bolts on request  leon@highpost.com.au 

NOTE Paired with the universal gudgeon AS-06 -AS22