NB 25 ROLLAROUND HINGE AND GUDGEON BOLT ON KIT AS 30 & AS 06 NB 25 STANDARD Open Shed Hinges & Rural Gate Hinges popular

AS30 & AS06 14 mm bolt holes can also be attached to mount plate if required


Simple practical  Hot Dipped Shed gate Hinge 12mm and 6mm plate 

This Hinge Kit is  has one Rollaround top Hinge and Bottom Gudgeon , The rollaround Hinge is designed to close shut once the gate is pushed into the opening and locked off my inserting the pin or bolt. Australian designed and Manufactured

Can be screwed , bolted or welded to just about any size post square round ,big or small steel or timber.

Can be mounted side by side in as little space as 140mm great for the center bays of  Hay sheds or open sheds

Gal Bolts Fully threaded M12 40mm with nuts and washers available on requested 

Also M 12 Coach bolts on request 

Farm gate Hinge, Shed gate Hinge , Open Shed Hinge , Machinery Shed Hinge, Stable Hinge , Barn gate Hinge, Rural Gate Hinge, Tubular gate Hinge   
Fixing - Bolted