NB 32 ROLLAROUND HINGE AS41 for NB 32 suites LARGER PIPE STANDARD FARM Gates 16mm holes in mount for threaded bar we supply the 8 nuts and 4 washers

As fencing changes with applications so do our Rollaround hinges this hinge has 16mm holes which enable you to use threaded rod which is easily available from hardware stores and can be cut to the length required for the thickness of the post.

We supply 6 half nuts and 2 full nuts as well as 4 washers that you can use to adapt to make your hinge adjustable !

Note if you already have a  rollaround hinge with 14 mm holes you can drill it out to 16mm if required and we can still supply the nuts and  washers .

Simple versatile easy to use system plus the easy removal and reinstatement  of the gate 

Pair with our adjustable Gudgeon